Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today I'm sharing a small portion of my studies from the Art of Creative Cloning. I think it's ironic that part of the word fundamentals is "fun" because this week didn't feel like fun, but maybe that's because I am also new to the abundance of information at the Artist Quarters. The first project was to crop the eye portion from a portrait and create a sampler of the brushes Tim Shelbourne generously created and provided for class. My first thought was "Ugh this isn't any fun" and pouted like a child in front of a plate of vegetables not wanting to eat them but being told they were good for me. I told myself, "You're an adult snap out of it! No one is going to do this for you!" I sat down opened the tutorial and listened to Tim patiently explain what to do. I don't know if it was his patience in speaking or his attention to detail that started to put me at ease but one by one I tested and played with each brush and found myself feeling the sensitivity of the brushes with the canvas, which was exactly the purpose of these fundamentals. This first week was overwhelming but with good cause and with an eerie feeling that something was always watching me.


Debra Sheehan said...

Remember...if it doesn't hurt your not growing!! Good job...Creepy is right!!! Couldn't he have picked lips??? looked to me like when done you had dead eyes, demon eyes, zombie eye, suprise eyes etc...LOL! I didn't notice but did you do with our without make up eyes?? LOL! How did you feel after that?

Keep up the certainly makes your art interesting and I love it already!

Colleen Taylor said...

I can understand your feeling here. It sounds like you learned a great deal with Tim. Great post Andrea!