Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photograph in Metamorphosis

Recently I've been searching for descriptions to help better describe my process working with photographs. Discouraged in not finding the words I was looking for, I decided to go back and search my personal art images to inspire my thoughts and hopefully find one that spoke to me and helped me translate my visual art into words.  In the process I came across this butterfly piece that I did originally in honor of a friend who had passed and the butterfly meant something to me about her transition at that time.  I posted about it years ago in a previous post. But today it spoke to me in a different way and was rekindled to verbalize how closely I feel about each individual photograph and the transformation it takes into one of my pieces of art. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Painted Ladies

My posting today is my version of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco as sort of a personal postcard of my own. These houses are sometimes known as "Postcard Row" and as been in nearly 70 movies, TV programs and ads. That's a hefty resume!  I hope my version gets as much attention! I loved this city and can't wait to go back one day. There many many interesting areas to photograph and re-create artistically. I worked with different techniques in Postworkshop Pro, Adobe CS6 and Corel Painter to create just the right look that I wanted and give a new painted uplift to an ordinary photographic postcard. I'm still in studies at The Artists' Quarter this week so this is a previous image that I created and wanted to share. Hopefully you will enjoy a refreshing view of these famous houses too! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today I'm sharing a small portion of my studies from the Art of Creative Cloning. I think it's ironic that part of the word fundamentals is "fun" because this week didn't feel like fun, but maybe that's because I am also new to the abundance of information at the Artist Quarters. The first project was to crop the eye portion from a portrait and create a sampler of the brushes Tim Shelbourne generously created and provided for class. My first thought was "Ugh this isn't any fun" and pouted like a child in front of a plate of vegetables not wanting to eat them but being told they were good for me. I told myself, "You're an adult snap out of it! No one is going to do this for you!" I sat down opened the tutorial and listened to Tim patiently explain what to do. I don't know if it was his patience in speaking or his attention to detail that started to put me at ease but one by one I tested and played with each brush and found myself feeling the sensitivity of the brushes with the canvas, which was exactly the purpose of these fundamentals. This first week was overwhelming but with good cause and with an eerie feeling that something was always watching me.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Endless Journey

"Books can be like puppies in a pet store; you just want to take them all home!"~Andrea Auletta
With the new generation reading more through digital formats I think it's cool my art post today will one day be associated with the descriptive words "vintage" or "classic." This photograph has many of the attributes I love to paint in oils such as depth, lines, color and the ability to make you wonder. I wonder what he is reading and what book is awaiting under his arms? Can't you just hear the stillness of the setting and smell the aroma of coffee in the air? 
  The digital art world is an endless learning journey. I'm also reading a lot in my new online painting class "The Art of Creative Cloning in Corel Painter at the Artist's Quarter and look forward to hopefully having some interesting pieces to share with you. They say knowledge is power and he (she) who has knowledge is in control of their own destiny. So with that, I'm off to hopefully create my own destiny full of many more paintings and hug my pup Gigi who is terribly spoiled and happy that she's the only puppy I have at home!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Escape from Alcatraz

 Ready, Set, Go! This is "Escape from Alcatraz" the start of the most difficult triathlon in the world held in San Francisco. Only 2,000 serious competitors ranging in age from 13 to 80 years old from more than 35 countries were able to qualify to participate in this notorious race.
   I first cropped and adjusted the photo in Lucis Pro then tediously painted with Den's Oil Brushes adding more grain to each brushstroke and then finally enhanced the impasto style texture using Corel Painter 12's texture options. I wanted to express artistically how challenging this triathlon really is for these incredible athletes and highlight the world famous Golden Gate bridge still standing after 75 years, equally representing strength and endurance through swift currents, deep water and strong winds. This piece can be purchased at www.andreaauletta.com in a variety of formats. I love hearing your comments and trust me it's alot easier than racing in a triathlon ;)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Please Don't Feed the Ducks

I learn something with every post, but sometimes not always what I learn has to do with Corel Painter or digital art. This post is an example of that. The park is a perfect place to relax and capture moments with my camera that I like to paint. This gentleman apparently also visits the park regularly by the looks of the relationship he has created with the geese and the ducks. I've been to the park many times with only my camera in hand and have read the signs, "Don't feed the ducks" and  honestly never really knew why, until now. Knowing that most people feed them bread,  I did some research and found out that people who think they are doing good by feeding them are actually making them fat which means they cannot fly away causing a disruption in their genetic path of life. Yes, I do realize he is actually feeding a goose which may be the only technicality that could possibly keep him from being included. But my title still stands...Don't feed the ducks and my park sign would include the geese too!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


My how time flys and over 8,000 viewers to my blog,  I was shocked to see when I posted last! So much has happened and I've decided to post one of my pieces that was still in the making that I touched up and textured. I took the original photo on my first trip to the races at Santa Anita Race Track and what caught my eye was the man in the back with his hand on his head as if he had lost on a big bet while the sign above him explained it all. Pictures that tell a story make it so interesting to create art out of and draw me back into finding just the right brushes to work with and to want to start dipping them back into my digital art world that I love getting lost in. A world of imagination that's timeless.