Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's Official! My first painting post using Corel Painter 12! It's been a little challenging using the new layout and creating new habits to get my workflow back to where it was but I'm closer and with each new painting I know I will feel more comfortable. I took this photograph while visiting San Francisco. I fell in love with the city and it's energy. It's variety in landscaped buildings and the beauty of the bridge is something you have to experience for yourself. I loved the bridge so much we drove back and forth on it several times! Looking forward to taking a second look at the photographs we took of this exciting trip and continuing my artistic growth and knowledge by digging deeper into the newer painting software. Hope you like where it's taking me too. I read a quote that says "Without change, something sleeps inside us, and never awakens. My artistic spirit is alive and my eyes are wide open hope you'll stick around for what's next and thanks for your unending support following my blog. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


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I took this photo at one of our local bagel shops that we visit most weekends. This guy is constantly busy behind the scenes through this glass window making sure that all the customer's get the freshest of bagles when ordering their breakfast and every time we see him he greets us with a smile. This time it was fun to capture him hard at work and show him some apprecation for putting everything he has into what I think is his own artistic creation! It just happens to be made of water and flour!  I'm currently enrolled in an online class for 4 weeks at the Digital Art Academy with Instructor Skip Allen and have upgraded my software to Corel Painter 12 and also previewing my latest DVD Tutorials from Jeremy Sutton. It's a big change from the usual layout that I've grown accustomed to and is really challenging me. Much of my usual painting time has been dedicated to this new upgrade and I look forward  to my next post San Francisco Chinatown painted entirely in Corel  12.