Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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While taking a short break from my new focus on tutorials for the Corel Painter 12 software,  I have been switching back and forth to finish painting this photograph that I took during one of my visits to a local bookstore. This was shortly after one of the larger chain book stores closed and so my thoughts went direcly to today's endlessly increasing technology that might make bound paper books a thing of the past. Of course, I am a fan of technology. It is my main source and medium that allows me the ability to create my paintings but when I saw this young girl on her knees, deeply engaged in flipping the pages and seemingly getting lost into all that surrounded her,  I realized it could very well be that her children one day might only be browsing the hand held "book computers" such as the Kindle in the not so distant future. These are such simple things lost and will soon be a part of stories starting with "When I was a kid...."

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I started painting this piece after not being satisfied with another image that was to be a New Years post. During my painter's block, I selected this photo of  my friend's wedding dress that I took when she married six years ago. Yes, that is how long I have had this in my "to paint file" along with many others patiently waiting for me to choose them to be transformed into a work of art. The path of inspiration can have its ups and downs but when a photograph comes together and presents itself to me in its artistic form I find joy and motivation to continue scanning through my file to paint.  I decided to paint this in mostly acrylics with texture accents and name it "The One" because so many brides search through so many beautiful gowns to finally choose "The One" that makes them feel like a princess as they glide gracefully down the aisle to marry their prince in a fairytale wedding that most little girls dream of. It's hard to believe the bride is now a mother of a beautiful baby girl, maybe one day she will want to wear her mom's dress on her special day!