Wednesday, September 7, 2011


One of the best things about summer is Music Festivals! Several nights a week local parks here offer residents a wide variety of free music to choose from and relax to after a hard days work . We kick back on our beach chairs, chat with friends and snack all sort of goodies. Feeling the rythym of the different instruments through the loudspeakers surrounding us quickly calls us to get up and dance! I think music really infuses our memories and transports us back to so many life events. This photo was from an evening here in Fullerton with jazz greats "The James Harman Band and Nathan James Trio." These jazz legends love what they do and it shows. I am most creative when I combine music with my art becuase these are my two passions. Expressive portraits with musicians and dancers are my favorite ones to create because you can feel more than there is to see. This is percussionist, founder of the Bonedaddys and accomplished artist Michael "Tempo" Temple and you can see by his expression he gets lost in the beat of the drums as he plays. That’s what drew me to photograph and create this piece. The before and after really shows where music takes me creatively.  Get your groove on and learn more about the group and check out their tour dates, I guarantee you won't be disappointed! And learn about Michael here