Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Thousands of messages in a bottle are launched and lost, but when they turn up, it’s memorable for sender and recipient. I’m such a romantic; I love the mystery that surrounds bottles sent out to sea. I have not done this, but could see myself patiently finding the perfect antique, aqua colored, glass bottle with scratches of years of use and then sitting down with a beautiful fine tipped pen and cloth paper and writing thoughts of the love that I have been so fortunate to share that so few ever find and then finally sealing the cork plug to ensure it’s safety. With no wind or sail and made of glass, it’s journey will be long with surely many perils to pass. And if I were to ever find one, I could imagine my heart skipping a beat as I would anxiously pop the cork to reveal what may be a message from a thousands miles away and many years passed. With hand written stories of maybe …a treasure, a shipwreck or a long lost love letter searching for a soul mate. This photo was taken at a beach nearby as some children were playing and this little girl caught my eye as I could not see at a distance what she may be peering at near her feet. Still not seeing anything in the photo I started imagining things like a turtle, a shell or seaweed and chose to add the message in a bottle to create a piece of art that would take the viewer into their own imagination

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Something as simple as putting on a hat can change your day and it can leave everyone wondering  which is the more piece of or your hat? Few women have ever been able to resist the temptation to try on a hat and discover in the mirror a person they never suspected was there.  Hats can alter the image we have of ourselves, and the image others see as well. For the hours we wear it, it brings out different dimension in our personality, much as a costume aids an actress in her role." For each style brings on a different persona. I myself love hats and can never resist trying them on so placing these just so,  I immediatly could imagine these three as a piece of art. This photo was shot while shopping  at San Juan Capistrano among a few other items I hope to get creative with before the warmer months end. I think these will make perfect 4x6 cards for many purposes.  So what are you waiting for, buy a hat and  live a little and bring out another side of yourself!

Friday, August 26, 2011


 A trip to Old Town Orange cannot be complete until you visit a small family owned restaurant that was  formely a gas station in the 1950's and hasn't changed. It's a step back in time with lots of american homestyle and  handmade items on the menu along with a very retro Egg Salad Sandwich. It's a perfect break from antique shopping  around the circle shaped heart of the town on Glassell Street. I've got lots of great photos from our visit and look forward to getting some more paintings posted for you soon, until then enjoy the rest of the summer!
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