Monday, June 6, 2011


It is is with a sad heart that I post my latest painting, dedicated to our friend Elieen Philips Montgomery who lost her fight with cancer at the young age of 45. She was a loving wife and mother of three beautiful, young children. Thinking of her immediately took me back to when I created the painting of her daughter Eleanor (as seen here) gazing at a butterfly. I wanted to represent Eileen as the butterly on her journey with all the turns and shifts and conditions that she could not always control during her final metamorphasis. I was touched in this discription that I read recently about how butterflies are "nature's canvases with the gift of flight." "When one considers that both the topsides and undersides of these specimens are masterly painted with equal skill, one becomes aware of the virtually unlimited number of artworks in the traveling art show of air." May she continue on a more peaceful journey as a symbol of immortality in her new colors. Like the butterfly, her beauty can forever remain as a symbol of the soul that physical death cannot destroy. Heartfelt blessings to her family Steve, Madeline, Maxwell and Eleanor.