Thursday, May 19, 2011


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  My creativity has been re-awakened!  This painting really started as a test of my new Wacom pen. I was experiencing some digital hiccups and not able to paint so I thought it was time to upgrade.  I was so excited when I received it in the mail that I even hugged the UPS man! The installation process being complete, I randomly chose this photograph that my husband took of me at the California National Poppy Reserve. I have tried painting it a couple of times in the past but felt that the white dress was always holding me back.  Even when I purchased it for this shoot I always wished it to be purple. With the magic of Adobe Photoshop CS5 dreams can emerge from your mind to reality. Immediately I opened it in Painter and as soon as I put my penbrush to the tablet everything seemed to come together, blenders blended as if a cyclone swept across the pallete, oils flowed effortlessly like a wave receeding from the beaches and acrylics virtually dried into their perfect places. With each brushroke my artistc zen was in it's happy place and reconnecting with my inner being. As with each piece, I step away in it's final stages, if not for minutes but sometimes hours and re-evaluate colors, feelings and movement. In completion, I decided to transpose the image horizontally. At last, my painterly dreams again can be real with the upgrade of my new penbrush and my inner creativity will no longer be in hibernation. I would love to hear your comments!