Monday, March 28, 2011


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   I think this is the smallest detail painting for me to date and one of my favorite moments that I captured during the races. I took this photo placing my camera in between the railings nearest the curve on the racetrack. This horse clearly had a "leg up" if you don't mind the pun. I'm not a gambler as a perfect example of that is this horse's name was "SheezaBigBroad" and they kept saying it over the speaker system, "SheezaBigBroad over and over again and I just thought they were just being offensive in their description of this big horse! Boy, was I glad I didn't verbalize that to anyone standing nearby. Anyway I'm an artist looking for the best photo opportunities that abound and at at this point in the race I sure was wishing I was a gambler and would have placed a bet on her as she came around and ended very strong. I felt good walking away though not having gambled becuase the photographs captured at this first ever Photography Day at the Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia CA were much more priceless, although sharing my deepest thoughts to my subscribers here could be one of my most embarrasing!  Be sure to click the image, tiny details are hidden in the main art posting here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ah-Ha! I know what your were thinking when you read the title in your thought I had captured someone filling up at the gas station and was going to talk about the rising prices of gas which is not a bad idea actually, but again this is where my mind goes. Seeing things in a whole new perspective. These two cyclists were sitting outside chatting near our local coffee shop one morning and I took a quick photo trying to catch one of them lifting there cups. I've been a little bit of "painterazzi"  instead of a papparazzi I guess you could say. Again love the textures I'm getting out the oil paints and am enjoying less details. Messy is fun! And don't be surprised if along the way you just might see that gas station painting....but it will be titled something more in the way "I see and paint it."
By the way I'm proud to say this is my 51st post on my blog....going forward to 100 posts!! Hope to see you there too!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


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You just never know what kind of moments you can capture at the park or anywhere really, in every day life. Maybe it's just me and the crazy way I think sometimes but this one really struck me becuase I felt the birds where hanging around to get the latest gossip! One was even too embarrased to show it's face, as if to say "I just can't take this anymore!" I'm working on studying and using just a few of the oil brushes that really make the picture show texture on the page. I think that is a great challenging in painting digitally today but one day I hope to master it. Thanks for looking..more "day in the life" stuff coming.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


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Before venturing away a little from the rodeo into other lifestyle images, I wanted to post one of my favorites with a different technique I created. This was alot of fun to keep messy and focus on minor details. You can see in the original photo that he was wearing a microphone becuase he was included in the entertainment but I purposly painted it out in the final image.  Personally, fun and games or not,  his expression doesn't look like he's still too excited about jumping in a barrel to distract any determined horse or bull ready to to toss anything in it's path! Alot of our jobs don't look to bad now do they???