Monday, January 3, 2011


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 I decided to post this painting after the gift was given, so not to spoil a good surprise during the holidays.  Jason and Lisa were married a couple of years ago in Hawaii and Jason's mom, Jeane asked me to "do  my magic" and create something special for them. As you can see I decided to eliminate the low lit distraction of the ocean and compose them more closely to express the joy and excitment they were experiencing at this moment after they exchanged their vows. It took me a few tries to create just the right background that I felt was appropriate and also referred back to Richard Ramsey's training DVD. This was a challenging piece but I was so glad to hear their feedback as I've included below.
"I wanted to let you know we love our painting! It was a wonderful Christmas gift. We have very few pictures displayed, they are all in photo albums. It is so nice to not only have a beautiful painting of us on our wedding day but also an elegant piece of artwork to hang in our home. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family."
Lisa and Jason