Sunday, December 12, 2010


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This painting is of my friend's daughter Hannah. I chose to paint her when I picked her mother's name for Secret Santa this year and we had talked in the past that she would love to have a painting of her. As soon I as drew her name my first thought "could I possibly get it painted in time?"  After arranging for Hannah to get to the studio for photographs secretly, my husband captured the beautiful image below my painting posted here. That same night I began to paint and.tilted her slightly using Photoshop CS5 to add more movement and I imagined warmer tones throughout to accentuate her beautiful olive skin and brunette hair, so I added other colors to compliment. I could easily enjoy creating more of these paintings. It may be that I love music as much as I enjoy painting. Special thanks for suggestions from my painter friends including Richard Ramsey. If you are interested in learning more about painting backgrounds in this style, I highly recommend his DVD tutorials which you can find using this link
 His instructions and videos are detailed, clear and sharp. Tell him I sent you :)