Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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I'm sending you this card, sealed with a warm embrace
that I hope puts a smile on upon your friendly face.

Between the lines, I hope you'll see
how very dear you are to me.

For there's magic in written words
that can speak a happiness tha'st felt not heard.

So across the miles, I'm reaching out
like a warm wind, to let you know that
I'm thankful for your continued support and comments
on my blog, my friend.

Thanksgiving is for remembering special people...near and far. I'm thinking of
 you on  this special day and giving thanks that you came my way.


Kari said...

Very pretty painting, love the fall colors

Barb H said...

Coming home, hopefully keeping dry in that weather. Well done!

Joan said...

This has really great wet watercoloury brushwork Andrea! What brushes did you use? I love the rain, makes the story more interesting I think

Karen B said...

I just love a painting that has a story! This one is terrific Adreaa! Like coming home!

Washed said...

love the rain effect!

Kari said...

Wow, always wanted to take a vacation there! Lucky girl, lovely painting

pminers said...

Fantastic colour palette Andrea

Judith said...

This is one of my favorites of yours Andrea. Love the feeling of rain and lovely but lonely along the the road. Very beautiful.

Hilarie said...

i love the lonely feel of this quiet country road scene. The warmth of the colours makes it comfortable. Nice job on the reflections

Linda Bell said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Andrea! I love your painting! It makes me want to grab a mug of hot cocoa and snuggle up under a soft warm blanket. :)