Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"Art is not what you see, but, what you make others see," 
-Edgar Degas

THAT'S RIGHT! You could be the one to name this painting!
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LEAVE A COMMENT which includes your idea for the title of this painting before Friday, Oct. 22nd. I will choose the one I like best and you will win one FREE 8x10 photo print of my painted version, personally signed by me and mailed directly to your home! Be creative, this should be alot of fun!  
The original photograph  is from MorgueFile and I have emailed the photographer to let them see my artistic interpretation. I'm anxious to hear all of your ideas and Good Luck! To subscribe for free to my blog just type in your email at the top right of the screen and don't forget the second step to confirm it when you recieve an email from Feedburner.


barbaradennewitz said...

Weathered by Nature- This picture gives the feeling of how nature has the power to change things so subtly. Notice how the wood on the barn changes over time as not to notice it day by day.

Great picture. Reminds me of my parents home in Oregon.

Barbara Dennewitz

Cat Bounds said...

It's sooo beautiful, but I can't think of an apt name right now. I also love the post below it. That painting is yummy, too, and the poem is one I hadn't seen or heard, but I will try to remember it.

broadway1 said...

Fall Cabin, it reminds me of what Laura Ingalls Wilder's cabin would have looked like in fall, gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Andrea! A couple of thoughts come to mind for names:
"Autumn Bliss"
"Autumn Serenity"

I love all the rich colors & how well you painted this...just lovely!


barbara anderson said...

Too beautiful and heart-warming. How about "A Burst of Color"?


Debra Sheehan said...

The first thing that comes to my mind is "Autumn Rain" or "Autumn Thunder". It's a rain of autumn colors that fill the sky with it's bright and powerful shades of gold and reds.
Very Cool!


Kristy Reil said...

Pictures like this beautiful one remind me that I need to stop every once in a while and enjoy my surroundings. Especially nature.

The name I have picked for it is "Autumn Flair (or Flare)" The orange color reminds me of a warm cozy fire. Another name I thought of is "Fall in love with Nature", but was not sure if it was a little cheesy.

Beautiful as always Andrea!

Kristy Reil said...

Pictures like this beautiful one remind me that I need to stop and enjoy my surroundings every once in a while, especially nature.

The name I picked is "Autumn Flair (or Flare)". The orange reminds me of a warm cozy fire.

I also picked "Fall in love with Nature", but did not know if that was too cheesy.

Beautiful as always though!

John Hancock said...

How about "Autum Blaze"? Great picture, terrific color!