Sunday, October 31, 2010


Original Photograph by Cheryl Rankin

This photo from Morgue File struck me because it's at angle I would've shot myself! So thank you Cheryl! It's fun sharing these paintings with the photographer to let them know even a simple shot like this can be seen in another way. I think it makes a cool piece of art. I emailed Cheryl to let her know that I painted her boots and this was her response "That is sooooo cool! Love your work. I'm honored that you felt my humble boots/leaves photo worthy of your time. I liked mixing-it-up in this painting! This one could be perfect for embellishing it with acrylic paints after its printed on canvas. Hope your enjoying my fall postings and stay tuned more to come plus a special painting of my dog Gigi to celebrate a special day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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My husband Ralph originally took this photo of me on our trip to Vermont. I just love yelling "STOP" when I see something on the side of the road that I have to photograph...however, I'm not sure how much he loves the sudden heart-stopping moment that it causes!  It's a photo I've had for some time sitting in my "to paint" folder,  just waiting for the the moment of artistic inspiration to hit me.  The last image posted is what I saw through  my lens and eventually captured as soon as the blustery winds of Autumn calmed easy task and requires lots of patience!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Autumn Blaze
A special thank you to my subscribers who took a few minutes and submitted their entries to my comments area on my blog to name my latest post (as seen here again in a smaller image.) This was a difficult choice to make but I really felt John Hancock's description says it all and I'm sure that you all will agree. John wll recieve his personally signed print by end of week and hopefully you will stay tuned for more of my interactive posts soon.
Congratulations John!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"Art is not what you see, but, what you make others see," 
-Edgar Degas

THAT'S RIGHT! You could be the one to name this painting!
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LEAVE A COMMENT which includes your idea for the title of this painting before Friday, Oct. 22nd. I will choose the one I like best and you will win one FREE 8x10 photo print of my painted version, personally signed by me and mailed directly to your home! Be creative, this should be alot of fun!  
The original photograph  is from MorgueFile and I have emailed the photographer to let them see my artistic interpretation. I'm anxious to hear all of your ideas and Good Luck! To subscribe for free to my blog just type in your email at the top right of the screen and don't forget the second step to confirm it when you recieve an email from Feedburner.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


"How silently they tumble down
And come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare,
Beneath the trees without a care,
Content to sleep, their work well done,
Colors gleaming in the sun.
At other times, they wildly fly
Until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air
Till all the trees stand stark and bare.
Exhausted, drop to earth below
To wait, like children, for the snow."
Elsie N. Brady

Fall is my favorite season! Beauty abounds and my breath is taken away! It calls to me to move to the Northeast every year....until it snows!  I dream of owning a home one day that has a large desiduous tree in the front yard framed by my bay window so that I can just sit and bask in it's beauty until the last leave has gone. This is much looser than my past paintings but I enjoyed working on it. I chose to use one of the photos posted on the photo sharing  site because unfortunately we have yet to see any fall color here in Fullerton, which is slim at best on a good year. Hope you enjoy not only the change of season but a slight change in my artistic interpretation for this latest posting.
Photograph by Mary R. Vogt