Wednesday, July 7, 2010


 This is my neighbors 10 year old son Derek, determined to win!. I was able to attend one of his swimming meets last year and have had this image in my folder "to paint" waiting for some artisitc inspiration since then and I am so excited I have revisited it and created what you see here. This is the same crop as the original photograph taken and I loved the angle, the splash and rush of the water around him along with his competitive expression.Everything just came together on this one in one evening! I have the original without his name but added it for effect to print it out on a 20x30 poster for him. The print turned out vibrant and textured just as I had hoped! He is a bright young man and seems to excel in all his swimming meets. He didn't know that I painted this so I'm excited to give him his poster! My next attempt will be to print this on canvas and add acrylic paints for even more texture. Stay tuned..I hope to post those results too!  If you are a local athelete and are interested in having me attend one of your events for your own photopainting; email me with your details. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Monday, July 5, 2010


This is my husband Ralph, and I know the first thing you are saying to yourself  "I hope she has alot of insurance on him." LOL And the second thing you're probably thinking is "I hope she is taking the photograph from the ground! Yes, I clearly could not be hanging by a rope and try to manage taking a photo at the same time of this precarious climbing area, I'm artistic not technical! While I enjoy hiking and breathing in the great outdoors, I will leave all the "big boy" stunts to him and keep my feet a little bit firmer on solid ground with a 300 mm zoom lens.