Sunday, April 11, 2010


  I have to say this piece makes the list as one of my favorites. I passed this fence everyday on my way to work and finally I photographed this last spring and have been waiting for the true moment of creative inspiration to turn it into the art piece I envisioned. The combination of the soft, dainty, pink flowers against the rugged grain of the wood, speaks to me. I love using all the digital tools available to transform these "ever-changing images" that we pass every day, into contemporary modern art. This same fence today is completely  shrouded behind a dense curtain of purple and pink Bougainvillea. 
Lesson learned: "take the time to stop and smell the roses"...or in this case Bougainvillea!


Ralph A. said...

Just beautiful! I see a really nice line of special occasion cards in the making.

Debra Sheehan said...

Wow! So do I. I love rose buds with morning dew on them. Bougainvillea's are one of my favorites!