Saturday, February 13, 2010


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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! My art posted today originated with a photo I took of a gift bag. Don't these little candy hearts just make you happy when you see them? The pink little boxes they come in with the plastic heart window is a happy memory for me.  If you click on the image you will see more detail that I added. I used a mixtured of Jeremy Sutton and Marilyn Sholin brushes in different opacities and mixed up the "jitter" option in Corel 11 to get the end result I was hoping for. I then added a paper texture in Adobe CS4 which I thought added a "wet" look or somewhat water color technique. I like the simplicity and the fact that the peace sign just so happens to be right in the middle of the bunch. Peace and Love truly are a great blend! Wishing you a happy heart day and don't forget to "share the love" and leave your comments.


Marilyn Sholin said...

Perfect Valentines Day painting! Thank you for using my brushes in such a wonderful painting!

Ralphy Baby said...

You will always be my Sweet Heart!
Nice job Andrea!

Andie Ravenwood said...

I love this one!! It's adorable!!

Sis said...

These are a fun memory for me too! You did a great job. love sis