Saturday, February 27, 2010


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Happy Birthday Casey! He is my brother's first and only son and was photographed by my brother Larry on their vacation. This is the second painting of him, I also painted him as a toddler a few years ago using a heart brush that I created. You can view that in my website gallery.  I couldn't wait to paint this one as I especially loved the reflection that he captured. I painted this in really warm, bright and rich colors for the summer and enhanced Casey's sun-kissed complexion. It makes me anxious to skip these cooler month's of winter and go directly to my favorite time of year, summer! I'm sure they will be feeling the same way after enduring the extreme winter conditions in the northeast. I used alot of my favorite brushes including the palette knife and created a watercolor style border in Adobe CS4 then added a paper texture in Corel 11. This will print nicely on water color paper and then I plan on mailing it to them in West Virginia to celebrate his 5th birthday. Please feel free to leave your comments, reading them always feels like a ray of sunshine!


Elspeth said...

This is really stunning Andrea.
The colors are just beautiful and really capture the warm feeling of a day at the beach.
I am sure that the entire family will love it.

Diana Sparks said...

This ain't no digital painting. How gullible do you think I am? It's real watercolor and pastels, and a fine example of them to boot. 'Fess up, Andrea!

Jeane H said...

This is a great work of art! Fantastic colors and such a sweet subject!

Joni G said...


sis said...

You did a wonderful job with Casey at the beach, he will love it. Being his aunt mary, i think he is just too cute anyway : )