Monday, December 21, 2009


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Ok, I admit it.
I Still Believe in Santa Claus

  I love this holiday starting with the tiny colorful lights and special ornaments that I hang on my tree every year! Takes me back to all the years that I would write my list and wait with great anticipation to search for the gift under the tree with my name. My dad still to this day say’s “Hey kid, I heard that the news had spotted Santa’s sleigh on radar". Some of my favorite gifts that I can recall are a Green Inch Worm that I could bounce on and ride, a pull toy Digger the Dog with a cute little red detective looking hat and of course my first bike with training wheels! Not only do I love receiving surprises at Christmastime, I enjoy creating surprises for my family and friends and sharing in their excitement when they open their gifts from me, that’s the  Spirit of Santa Claus that will never end for me.
   But my most endearing memories of this holiday is watching, It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve. It’s not Christmas until I see this movie. It brings a smile to my face when I see George and Mary dancing and falling into the school pool underneath the dance floor and it still draws a tear when George realizes Zuu Zuu’s petals were still in his pocket and he starts running down the streets of the town and realizing his wonderful life has returned!
I get my love of movies from my mom and the lesson that this movie brings is one to never be forgotten.
  My dog Gigi was the model for me in this painting near our fireplace. This one was a bit more challenging as she hates to be warm and didn't like the fireplace so I was lucky to capture it in only a few shots. 
  In closing the Spirit of Santa is what inspired my painting above. I hope you like it and hope that it brings the spirit of the season and a twinkle to your eye this Christmas. If your in the holiday spirit please leave a comment!!!


Kristy Reil said...

Ohhh sooo cute! I love this tme of season. Getting together with the ones you love is just so special. The decorations and general atmosphere is so beautiful. I have watched the "Christmas Story" practically every year of my life & will continue on. Memories and traditions hold a special place in my heart. Absolutely beautiful picture!!

Jacqueline said...

Looks like Gigi found the "perfect bed" (inside joke to Andrea). Grat Christmas spirit in this work of art. Merry Christmas. Jacqueline

Andie Ravenwood said...

This picture is so gorgeous and totally encapsulates this time of year. Beautifully done, Andrea!!

Beau W. said...

Very cute, you're becoming a Norma Rockwell of digital art

Joni G. said...

That picture of GG is just PRICELESS, I love it!!!

Shelly M said...

I just love this! I feel like I'm sitting right there with her!

Diana Sparks said...

The lighting is perfect, Andrea. And you've captured so much while still maintaining a painterly look without a lot of unnecessary details. Gigi's pose is wonderful. (Was Ralph up the chimney with a treat?) Congratulations on another superb job!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what goes on in little Gigi's head when you have her posing for you. She is probably thinking, "there goes my crazy mother again, at least I get a treat." This is a cute inventive shot. One that adds a bit of a twist to the holiday.
Good going Andrea.
Mary Lou

eamckinley said...

You are so very talented! How good it must feel to be able to spark warm memories for all with your art. Wonderful job as usual!