Monday, October 26, 2009


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This is my final in this series of three siblings' sports paintings. Sofia is 7 yrs old, the character of the family and is a big ham when it comes to getting her photos taken! Each one of these kids really make it a joy to photograph. Sofia was searching the camera out on this day to try and find me because she had seen what had turned out from her brother and sister's shoots. She was anxious to get her own and I'm so glad. Although I have to say these vibrant bright/yellow green jerseys fits the team name (Fireflies) and was a challenge to shoot and paint. I had to take several "eye" breaks from painting! It was so cool to capture this image as she was bumping the ball off her knee. She looks real pro, doesn't she? The background was too busy and was too much of a distractiion so I decided to simplify it to focus totally on her. I've had alot of fun painting these and have enjoyed going to the games to watch the kids play. Thanks Gianna, Guy and Sofia. I hope you enjoy your new posters for your room! Remember you can view the images larger if you click on them and please feel free to leave me comments. 


Ralphy Baby said...

I absolutely love your choice of backgrounds in each of the sports trilogy paintings. Each one is unique yet still reflects your painting style. Your paintings make these kids look like Pro Athletes!These would make good Sports Magazine cover photos without the Names.SUPER WORK!

Wanda W. said...

What GREAT pictures. You immortilzed them as children.

Chinita said...

These are awesome! You do a great job!