Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is the second in my series of sports paintings that I will print into 20x30 posters for each one of the siblings. This photo painting is of Guy, Gianna's older brother playing flag football. He is an awesome runner and can really make some moves on the field! I took the original photo his recent flag football game, and yes, his team WON! I really liked painting this one and adding a sense of speed to the colorful background and to his clothing with some interesting brush strokes, then I used a filter after I painted it to give it more depth, color and contrast so it would add to the sports action. He and his sisters Gianna and Sophia are the happiest, well raised kids I have known. They are always smiling and always polite and full of childhood laughter. I'm proud to call their parents, Ed and Julie, my friends. Ralph and I appreciate sharing the fun of capturing your children as they grow up. Remember as always I love getting comments so don't "PASS" up this opportunity to leave one now. Thanks!


Ralphy Baby said...

What can I say? You did a GREAT job creating a dynamic action painting! I can't wait to see the last of the Trilogy!

Debra Sheehan said...

I love the way you captured the action yes, but the expression on his face gives intense emotion to the action as well. Awesome Job!