Saturday, October 17, 2009


"I hope all you young girls see yourself up there,...We were just like you" - Mia Hamm
These 5 yr old girls are in it to win it! I have been fortunate enough to be able to photograph this young girl Gianna since she was an infant. Time really does fly. It's amazing to watch this ordinarily shy girl turn into a real competitive go-getter on the soccer field. She has her "own style" as you can see in the positioning of her left hand, she has her own "Michael Jordan" move. It must work, becuase she has scored goals for her team! I love this photo becuase it really highlights all of those characteristics and of course that beautiful, long blond mane of hair flowing in the wind! I wanted to minimize the distractions from the original photo so i cropped the other players out for this particular painting. Later I will do more of a team action painting.  I then hand painted the entire image and boosted the color.  I set this up for printing to a 20x30 poster for her room and added her name using Adobe CS4. Her brother and sister are the next two in my series of sports paintings. Reminder: I get a "kick" seeing your comments. Just click comments below and choose name/url and type in your name. Click on the images to view them larger.


Diana Sparks said...

Beautiful job, Andrea! Your skills are improving by the second. This is the quality of painting that normally only celebrity pro athletes get.

What a joy and inspiration the poster will be for Gianna. (Something tells me she's going to want to take it to show-and-tell.) I wish I was a five-year-old soccer-playing friend of yours!

MoonDoggy said...

Andrea, You keep coming up with wonderful works of art. You always capture the enrgy of the client or the moment. Awesome.