Saturday, September 5, 2009


You were expecting to see a bushel of peaches painted, weren't you??? Well surprise, this is Cheeky's sister (obviously from a different mother) I just can't help but smile when i look at her through the next door she is ALWAYS ready to play ball and I rarely see her tail stop wagging. I loved adding the long, long whiskers she has and warming up the background to enhance her pefectly spotted coloring. I am really enjoying painting the dogs and I've come across many quotes that ring so true. I wanted to share this one with you:
 "The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals."
I hope you are enjoying seeing these precious souls and may they bring a smile to your face today!  Remember I would probably "roll over" if you leave comment below, just click on comments and choose name/url and type in your name. Never mind the URL part.


Connie said...

I was expecting to see Peaches as you say. Awwww but this letter one is so much sweeter than any peach. Her big bright eyes look so excited to have that ball tossed in the air. thanks for sharing. Connie Q

Ty Sutherland said...

You are getting really good. I have a picture of my dog in Canada I will have to have you recreate some day.