Saturday, August 8, 2009


I couldn't help but to capture this moment as she looked so sad. From the time Gigi started sitting on her favorite chair I invisioned the painterly image i created above. She is so quirky that she doesn't like sitting on the carpet! I loved adding lots of texture and some color to make it "pop." When you enlarge the photo you will see that I added texture in the denim chair and created a more painterly framing style. She really is a happy dog, but you wouldn't know it in this picture! Throw me a bone and on comments below and just choose name/url and type in your name! Thanks for looking.


Diana Sparks said...

Beautiful painting, Andrea. Expertly done. And a truly adorable model, of course. If you ever decide to clone her, let me know!

Andie Ravenwood said...

So beautiful! And just look at that face :-). How lucky you are to have such a lovely model. I'm very impressed with your work!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding subject Superb job painting the subject

Larry Gebhardt