Monday, August 24, 2009


This 16x20 canvas artwork started as a photograph taken by Madeleine Wolf of Josh and Lani to celebrate their engagement. Loni's aunt Wanda Walsh requested that I create an artwork of one of several photos that were taken this same day. I chose this image becuase I'm a sucker for warm fall colors. As you can see the cars, people, wires and dead tree were all removed from the image as well as creating closed blinds for all the windows. I chose to add a an old fashioned bicycle with a basket and at Wanda's request I created a chalk board outside the restaurant that included Josh and Lani's names in a heart and a beautiful fall tree. Stores were meant to stay simple so that the focus would be kept on them.
Wanda's response to me was "You did an amazing job with this picture. The colors were vivid and had great depth. I really appreciate the time you took to remove the unnecessary objects which drew us to the subject - the couple in love. My niece was speechless when I gave her that beautiful work of art that will live on forever. It really captures "their moment". The end result was more than I expected."
Hearing feedback like this always inspires me to continue following my dream, becuase I truly believe we can all make a living doing something we love. I love creating personal artwork that means something and has a story to tell.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009


A true "pop" of color in this one! My husband and I visit this beautiful California Poppy Reserve every spring here in Lancaster, California. It's always an exciting drive getting there becuase you can see the overwhelming color from several miles away before reaching the hillside covered with millions of these delicate vibrant orange poppies. The orange is so bright you even have to wear your sunglasses! I captured this little girl wading knee-high through the dense sea of poppies . If you look closely you will see I added some poppies in her hand becuase I could just imagine her wanting to pick a handful, but it is forbidden in the Poppy Reserve. I needed a break from some more serious photo paintings that you will see very soon and this one just took me away! I love getting comments so click on the link below and share your thoughts.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I couldn't help but to capture this moment as she looked so sad. From the time Gigi started sitting on her favorite chair I invisioned the painterly image i created above. She is so quirky that she doesn't like sitting on the carpet! I loved adding lots of texture and some color to make it "pop." When you enlarge the photo you will see that I added texture in the denim chair and created a more painterly framing style. She really is a happy dog, but you wouldn't know it in this picture! Throw me a bone and on comments below and just choose name/url and type in your name! Thanks for looking.